Every person living with a stoma has the right to:

  1. Receive pre-operative counselling to ensure that they are fully aware of the benefits of the operation and the essential facts about living with a stoma.
  2. Have a well constructed stoma place at an appropriate site, and with the full and proper consideration to the comfort of the patient.
  3. Receive experienced and professional medical support and stoma nursing care in the pre-operative period both in hospital and in their community.
  4. Receive full and impartial information about relevant supplies and products available in their country.
  5. Have unrestricted access to a variety of affordable ostomy products.
  6. Be given information about their National Ostomy Association and the services and support which can be provided.
  7. Receive support and information for the benefit of the family, personal carers and friends to increase their understanding of the condition and adjustments which are necessary for achieving a satisfactory standard of life with a stoma.
  8. Be protected against all forms of discrimination.